Enter A Team

So you want to enter a team or create team, that’s great.  Here’s some tips for you…

Create A Team

  • Click here to access the Register Now site
  • Have a read and then click Continue
  • Click on Create A Team and then click Continue
  • Enter a Team Name, note that all team names must be unique.  Are you a captain that is enter two teams, one in each distance?  We suggest that you include the distance 6.4km or 400m in the team name
  • Click the team type, either 400m (for U12) or 6.4km
  • Select the team type
    • Public (anyone can enter)
    • Private (do not allow other people to join this team)
    • Password (a team password must be entered to join)
  • Complete the Team Captain’s details, name and email, click Continue
  • At this point you’ll be sent a confirmation email, yippee you’ve done it
  • If you are participating as part of the team, keep going select Yes and continue to the Participants Details page, the team captain is not automatically entered

Join A Team

  • Click here to access the Register Now site
  • Have a read and then click Continue
  • Click on I’m A Participant
  • Click Yes I’m part of a team
  • Enter your team name and click Search
  • Select your team name and follow the prompts to complete your details and payment, once completed you’ll receive a confirmation email, your now ready for the big day!