Tips from Fit ‘n’ Kicking

Here are some tips from Fit ‘n’ Kicking to prepare the family for Run For A Wish….

Although the Run for a Wish is just around the corner, there is a great opportunity to use these last few weeks to train up with your son/daughter/niece/nephew and encourage a young person to get involved. This has obvious benefits for both of you and takes the seriousness out of any fun run.

Forget times and how fast or slow you are and simply concentrate on finishing the event!

It will give you enormous satisfaction to complete it in partnership with a younger person and help raise funds for kids who deserve it (and lets face it it could well be our child, our next door neighbour’s child or grandchild that needed the support of Make A Wish Foundation)

So with a window of just under 3 weeks start today!
Simply put on appropriate footwear and head out the door with a child in tow and go for a 30 minute walk. Within that timeframe aim to jog 3-5 times
for 3-4mins and then go back to a brisk walk in between. To keep the motivation up, encourage each other to just keep going for the whole 30mins, whether its a jog or walk and just to try your best as thats all you can do!

Aim to take a small drink bottle with you and stay on a flat course where possible! Your local park is a great place to include in your fitness activity.

Its really that simple!

If you need help or suggestions feel free to call/text/facebook Fit ‘n’ Kicking and we’ll help you along!

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