Megs from Fit ‘n’ Kicking has prepared an 8 week training program to help beginners and anyone who just needs some motivation, to line up on Saturday the 17th¬†October confident that they can run 6.4k AND enjoy it! ūüôā

This is what you can do to start moving prior to 25th August:

Start with a 5 – 10 minute walk to warm up.

Then alternate between a 3-4 minutes jog and a 1.5 minute walk – do this for 20 – 25 minutes.

Finish your session with a 5 Р10 minute walk to cool down.

Your eight week beginners training program

** if you have any questions or would like to join a running group, contact Fit n Kicking on 0419 587 717 or or on the Fit n Kicking website or the Fit N Kicking Facebook Page**

Week 1 

x2-3/wk cross training which can be anything from gym class, swimming or resistance work

x1 jog/walk. As suggested, start with a warm up of brisk walking of 5-10mins and then alternate between 3-4mins running and 1.5mins brisk walk for 20-25mins

x1 jog for maximum time

Do a warm up of a brisk walk for 5-10 mins to warm up. Then jog for as long as you can before having to stop. See how long you can go before stopping. Walk for half the amount of time you were able to jog non stop for (ie is maximum time you jogged for was 8mins then walk for 4 mins and then repeat, jogging for maximam time you can before stopping again. Aim to match the same time that you did on the first attempt. Repeat this a third time after the walk for recovery)

Walk to cool down and stretch

* ‘aim not to run on consecutive days’

Week 2

As per last week with the training program, aiming to establish a routine.

Keep up with the cross training and the same jog walk and jog for maximum time.

However aim to increase the number of attempts of maximum runs for time to x4-5 efforts.

*¬†¬†‘aim not to run on consecutive days’

Why not try the Park Run- its free and a great way to see where you are

at over 5km distance. Caters for beginners through to regular runners

and a friendly and supportive environment in which to test yourself

against the clock-not other people. Saturdays 9am meeting behind Aurora Stadium…

Parkrun details can be found here: Parkrun website and Facebook page

Week 3

Add an additional jog/walk in the week, making it two days where you alternate a jog with a walk. Now increase the jog from 3-4mins to 5-6mins for 25+mins.

Still maintain a 1.5min brisk walk before starting jogging again. This way you are increasing your jogging time between rests.

Continue with the jog for maximum time but add an additional effort, making it x4 times you do a jog for maximum time possible. Ensure you always do a warm up and cool down.

Introduce some basic strength work (using your own body weight);

Lunges  x10 per leg, x20 calf raises, gluteal lifts (lying on your back on the ground, knees bent and feet close to bottom and lift bottom off the ground and hold for 20secs)  Crunches x15-20 and front support/hover/plank/brace for 30secs Repeat each of these x3 times each

*¬†¬†‘aim not to run on consecutive days’

The Park Run is another option this week as you are more likely to push

yourself when surrounded by other people than on your own. It great to

have a group to meet and be motivated by being one of many!

Week 4

After a brisk 5 min walk, set out for 30mins of continuous, non stop exercise, only stopping to walk when you have to, so otherwise jogging as much of the 30mins as possible. (do this instead of the jog for maximum time with x4 efforts)

Continue alternating a jog for a walk (5-6mins jog/1.5mins walk) but increase to total time you do this for to 30+mins

Keep up the cross training and strength work.

*¬†¬†‘aim not to run on consecutive days’

The Park Run is another option this week as you are more likely to push

yourself when surrounded by other people than on your own. It great to

have a group to meet and be motivated by being one of many!

Week 5

Repeat the non stop effort but increase to 35 mins. Again, aiming to jog more than you walk and jogging for as long as possible before a short walk over a period of 35mins. This should include a brisk walk to cool down.

Continue the jog/walk from 5-6 mins to 7-10mins and then walk for 2-2.5mins before jogging again a second time time for 7-10mins. Do this x3 times in total with 3mins recovery between efforts.

*¬†¬†‘aim not to run on consecutive days’

Week 6

Time trial! Set a flat 5 or 5.5km course and see how long it takes you to complete. Aim to jog more than you walk!

Do either your jog/walk session or a continuous light jog (but not the same before of after you time trial)

Test yourself out at the Park Run this week, even if you have

not been in other weeks.  However prior to starting it or at the end aim

to add on an additional 1.5km so you know you can do the distance. This

will give you confidence on the fun run day. 

Week 7

Repeat week 5 training but aim for a non stop effort of 40mins (jogging more than you walk)

Week 8

You do a lighter week of training this week. Aim for some light jogs and cross training. Don’t try anything new with training!

Jogging this week is fine but not in the last two days before the big day and not to a point where it leaves your sore or exhausted!

Enjoy the fun run- its for a great cause and for your own improved health and fitness-everyone wins!